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Group Riding Tips

There is no more effective way to become a motivated cyclist than finding a good regular group ride. Here are some group riding techniques common a...

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Triathlon. Your first bike.

Choosing your first bike can be a very difficult or very easy decision depending on how you go about it.You will recieve a myriad of advice from fr...

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Traffic Survival Guide

Learn and obey traffic laws. Bicycles are generally regarded as vehicles, and cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists . How...

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Techniques for Turning at High Speed

When exactly you will wash out on a turn is determined by the traction between your tires and the terrain surface being less than the pull of cen...

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Tips for Braking on Roads

Don't lock your wheels When the brakes on a car are merely close to locking, the braking force is some 30% greater than when the brake is fully ...

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Where to Grasp the Handlebars

Hills When climbing at less than a sprint, where you are not pulling on the handlebars, use the tops or the drops, staying away from the aero ba...

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Mountain Bike Cornering

Mountain bikers corner at far lower speeds than do road riders, partly because overall speeds are lower, but much of it is because of the setting...

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Cadence for Mountain Bikers

Cadence is the speed of your pedalling; a high cadence uses a high number of revolutions per minute. Similarly, a low cadence uses high gears tha...

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Riding over Roots and Rocks

Brake Right To clear bumps of any size and to stay in control, the tires have to keep rolling. Let your wheels roll over roots and rocks, so tha...

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Bike Racing, your first race

The hardest part of bike racing isn't cornering, climbing or pack sprints. The biggest obstacle is the anxiety that everyone feels before they pi...

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Mountain Bike Racing Strategies

When racing, it is helpful to make a strategy according to the length and style of the race (short sprinty, downhill, enduro). Strategies should ...

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