Cycling Tips » Triathlon. Your first bike.

Choosing your first bike can be a very difficult or very easy decision depending on how you go about it.You will recieve a myriad of advice from friends, friends of friends, other tri-athletes, people who race and people who know someone that won races five years ago!

Most people will take part in events for self satisfaction and hopefully progress from there. Whether you choose a mountain bike ( Not recomended) A hybrid bike, eg. Giant CRS or Trek 7.1 (Ok) Flatbar racer eg. Giant FCR4 (Good) Or racer (best). A brand name racer is best such as Trek, Giant or Specialized. Good entry level bikes cost approx €550 - €800. Non branded bikes, allthough sharing similar components can have poorly designed frames and are not available in all sizes.Prices €300 to €500.

Packages such as helmet,shoes. clothing and accessories complete with bike at an inclusive price is an option, but are usually priced using products that you may not like or just do not suit. Do not take too seriously!    Like a package holiday, A nice flight, nice weather and not so nice acommodation,  Or a package of quality street, you wont like them all!

Check out your local bike shop or better still Kearney cycles.