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Berg Basic BFR duo seat

Berg Basic BFR

Product Number: bbas

€ 459.00

BERG Basic BFR            Free extra seat

Article no 07.10.06

The BERG Basic BFR is the go-kart with the longest history within the BERG go-kart family. You can feel, hear and see it when riding this fantastic classic go-kart. You can turn the steering wheel with a single finger, making you extremely manoeuvrable. Combined with the handy coaster brake, this go-kart is by far the safest option! The durable frame guarantees playing fun throughout the seasons. Add to the fun with, for example, a trailer, a second seat, flashing lights or other fun accessorie


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    AUTOMATIC FREEWHEEL: With the AF the pedal go-kart always has a freewheeling ability. This means you can keep the pedals still while the pedal go-kart is on the move. It changes automatically if you want to ride in reverse.

    3 GEARS: a coaster brake which also acts as an automatic freewheel and has 3 gears.
    7 GEARS: a coaster brake which also acts as an automatic freewheel and has 6 gears.
    BFR-HUB: Ride forwards and backwards thanks to the BFR-hub."> BFR-HUB
    " data-placement="top" data-content=""> All round tires
    " data-placement="top" data-content="Tire Size(s"> Tires: 40cm
    " data-placement="top" data-content="stable on any terrain">Swing axle
    " data-placement="top" data-content="for extremely smooth steering">Double ballbearing


156 cm
81 cm
86 cm

39 k

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