Ion 700 lumen

Product Number: io700

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WAS €130.00

We're definitely now fully in winter, cold weather and dark nights mean a whole different set of cycling kit. Probably the most important on these dark mornings and nights is a decent  light . A number of our staff have been running thefor a while now. We thought we'd share our thoughts, bad points as well as good we try not to be biased! 


The Bontrager Ion 700 USB Headlight is the brightest, most powerful Bontrager produce. It has 700 lumens of brightness via a high powered Cree Led. It has five modes, a high (750LM), medium (450LM), low (250LM) and a flashing mode (50LM). With focused optics and 270 degress of visibility it is suitable for road and trail. 

It has a lithium ion rechargeable battery meaning the light doesn't dim over time. The run time varies depending which mode you are in but in high it's an hour and forty-five minutes, medium it's three hours and on low it's 6 hours and forty-five minutes. 

It is fully charged within five hours and as it's through a USB can be done at your computer if you happen to commute to the office. It comes with a handlebar mount that fits most sizes of bars and is also compatible with the Bontrager Blendr light mount. 

As with all Bontrager products it comes with the 30 day comfort guarantee. You can use it and if you don't like it, it doesn't quite fit just pop it back to the shop within 30 days and we can exchange it. 

The Experience. 

The light is really easy to set up, the mount just clips round the bars. The light then slots on to the mount with a gentle push. It is one of the easiest lights I've fitted with no allen key or spanner needed. 

It is really simple to switch between modes even with bulky gloves on. In the early mornings when it's not quite dark and not quite light yet I only need it on the medium mode. Riding home at night I have it on high and it really is super bright. I've taken it on mountain bike rides and it lights up the trail with no problem. 

Rather than just conking out when you run out of battery it runs down the modes, so if you're in high it drops down to medium then low then flashing. I think this is a really handy feature, no one wants to suddenly have no light. The burn times advertised are pretty accurate, I've not had it run out unexpectedly…yet! 

It's straightforward to charge either you can plug it in at the wall or in a USB socket on your computer. For a full charge I leave it plugged in most of the day then it's ready to go for my ride home. 

 I had no problems when mountain biking. It is a shame it doesn't come with a helmet mount as it'd make a great headlight on more technical mountain bike rides. 

Overall I really like this light as do the other guys at the shop. It'll be lighting my way through winter for sure.


Delivery to UK and Ireland usually within 5-7 Days

Please allow up to 28 days for Delivery in some exceptional cases.

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