Product Number: mo4

€ 170.00

  • Fitting - fits to all standard 50mm ISO tow balls. extremely simple to fit using locking handle (no tools required) Comes pre assembled with secure lock to tow ball feature.
  • Tiltable - tilts using simple yet effective hand screw mechanism.
  • Your bike will be securely attached to the carrier using TPR rubber straps and adjustable padded cradles to grip the crossbar with soft contact to the bike frame.
  • Folds in neatly when out of use for safe parking or storage in small spaces.
  • Velcro fastened foam pad sleeve on the upright tube to protect the first bike
  • Simple button to allow adjustment of the tightening force.
  • Two quality safety straps are provided to secure the bikes together to the bike carrier.

Delivery to UK and Ireland usually within 5-7 Days

Please allow up to 28 days for Delivery in some exceptional cases.

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